I help swimmers make the most of the water and become the swimmer they want to be.

Swimming, especially outdoor swimming, is life enhancing. Some would even say life changing. But sometimes it's not obvious how to access swimming's benefits or there are obstacles holding us back from achieving what we want. Whether you want to swim further, faster or in colder water, or just discover ways to enjoy the water more, I'd love to help you make the most of everything swimming has to offer through creating a personal swim development plan (including remote coaching, training plans and sessions if required) and one-to-one "swim mentoring", either in person (location permitting) or through virtual meetings.

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I've spent my life swimming. I publish a magazine about swimming and I am the author of a book about swimming outdoors (see below for details). I'm also an STA Open Water Coach, and helped create the qualification. Swimming has shaped me personally and professionally and I love helping other people make the most of the water.


Swim Wild & Free

Swim Wild & Free covers what you need to know to get started in outdoor swimming, including a comprehensive section on safety, how to get used to cold water, the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming outdoors, and joys of swimming year-round.

Outdoor Swimmer

I launched Outdoor Swimmer in 2011 as H2Open Magazine. We rebranded in 2016 to Outdoor Swimmer. We publish a print magazine for adventurous swimmers monthly, sharing swimmers' stories, places to swim, training tips and gear reviews.

Visit the Outdoor Swimmer website.