More adventures

Simon is fantastic swim mentor as he's an inspirational swimmer and he's so generous with his knowledge and his experience. When I first spoke to Simon about venturing into open water swimming, I was a confident pool swimmer but hadn't raced anything further than 400m and I only considered a sea swim to be a cooling plunge or an opportunity for body surfing. With Simon's guidance, I've pushed up the distance, cranked up the adventure and discovered that waves are also exhilarating for 'head down-goggles on' swimming. I'm so glad I took the plunge and followed his advice!

Embracing the cold

Simon's enthusiasm for all things swimming knows no bounds. He wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of the water, whether you are new to swimming or an experienced swimmer. Simon goes out of his way to welcome all people of all shapes and sizes to the pool or the great outdoors. Safety is his utmost concern, and he won't jeopardize or comprise on someone's safety for the sake of a swim. With the Thames a few steps from his home he has encouraged many of us to explore the wonders of swimming in the river year round. Swimming in the Thames in the depths of winter doesn't really appeal to me, however Simon's enthusiasm has encouraged me to take the icy plunge. I highly recommend Simon as a swim coach or swim mentor and as someone that will look out for and do the best for his clients.