How I help

I work with swimmers anywhere in the world via video calls or locally (South West London) over coffee and cake in a café. Sessions are 45 minutes long with the content shaped by the needs of the client. I can offer a one-off session to address any quick questions you may have, a short course of sessions over several weeks or on-going mentoring and remote coaching.

Before starting, I will send you a short questionnaire to help get to know you and understand your swimming goals. Typically, we would then review the questionnaire in our first session, answer any initial questions and create a plan for future sessions.

I will help you create a personalised swim development plan, help you find and choose the best swimming experiences and, if required, design bespoke training plans and sessions.

I recommend starting with a free 15-minute exploratory chat (see bookings page) for a no-obligation opportunity to get to know me and see if you think I can help. Also, if you are not happy after our first full session and let me know within 24 hours, I will make a full refund.